For New or Experienced Voice Actors

Script Writing Service

starting prices as low as $65 USD*

As a voice actor your demo reel is the biggest tool you’ll wield when looking for work in the voiceover industry. It’s your portfolio and your first impression, so it’s of the utmost importance that you lead with your best foot forward. With this service, published author Sara Secora will provide professionally written dialogue that will pack a punch and bring your characters to life.



starting price as low as $299

Another tool in any voice actors corner is a well designed website. This is a great way to get noticed online and easily transfer potential clients to your body of work with a simple link. With the talent from Angros Creation Studios, they will work with you to find your style and needs, then morph it into a professional made website just for you.



starting prices as low as $85 USD*

Once you have the foundation for a great demo, you’ll need the right help to finalize it. With this service, your audio will be cleaned and produced so you can send it confidently to potential clients and agencies. This service also includes original SFX assets and foley created by our audio engineer and sound designer Jason Lord.



starting price as low as $255* ($285 VALUE)

This package will include everything you need to have a character demo created, from the writing to the sound design to post production. We will even assemble a visual format for your demo so you can easily share it online. All you have to do is supply us with clean raw audio and we will do the rest! The package also includes a banner design and optional live directing.

This is the ultimate hassle free option.



starting prices as low as $75 USD*

Perhaps you already have a demo, but you’re missing that extra flair and want your demo reel to also be a visual experience. Whether that means a collection of previous works all neatly organized into a visual reel, or a bit of finesse added to your character demo reel, Angros Creation Studio’s has you covered. We offer innovative Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing that will surely capture attention.

*This service requires a completed audio file to use



  • 1-hour live directing from Sara Secora (Skype) + $35

  • Rush demo delivery (7 days) + $ varies*

  • Business card design +$55

  • Banners for social media +$25

  • Custom blurb/bio (70-150 Word Count) +$40



What’s a Character Demo Reel?

When an actor is ready to produce a demo, it is important to know where you plan to focus your auditions. The industry is divided into sections such as Character, Narration, and Commercial. The demo reels we produce are exclusively character, which will help an actor looking to work in Video Games and Animations.

Why Do I Need One?

It’s advised to have a demo for each field you intend to audition in. If your heart is set on Video Games and Animations, it would not be wise to send out a Commercial demo to clients. Character demo reels are specific to your skills and range with that brand of acting. It is important to show your abilities in the right light to help increase your chances of booking more clients.

When Does an Actor Need a Demo Reel?

A reel is most useful after an actor has an understanding of their own skills and what direction they wish take with acting. I would not advise the production of a demo to be their first step with voiceover. Begin with a coach, invest in proper equipment, do some unpaid work, and learn your way before proceeding with a demo. The best way to have a proper demo is with a proper understanding of the industry first and foremost!



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Disclaimer: The quality of your raw files heavily depends on your equipment. For better results, please make sure your audio is clean. This means no pops, background noise, or distortion.

*prices may vary depending on client needs