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Sara Secora is a voice talent you can trust to get the job done! Whether you’re looking for a powerful and dramatic read, an approachable and genuine "girl-next-door" sound, or anything in between, Sara Secora is ready to tackle any read! Her natural and neutral American accent can easily be flipped into an impressive collection of British dialects which seamlessly allow her to mold into any role. While she specializes in the video game and animation fields, Secora has also touched upon work within film, commercial, audiobooks, and more. Armed with over three years of training and experience, Sara is fully equipped with a professionally built at-home studio and ready to breathe life into your scripts.

Providing Voice Overs For:

• GAMING (Video Games, Apps, Toys)

• CHARACTER (Cartoons, Film, Animations)

• COMMERCIALS (Radio, TV, Film, Web)

• NARRATION (Trailers, Corporate, Documentary)

• EXPLAINER VIDEOS (Marketing, Ads, Tutorials)

• RADIO (Music Station, News/Talk/Sports)

• AUDIOBOOKS (Non-Fiction, Fiction)





• Tascam UH-7000 Audio Interface

• Golden Age pre 73 preamp

• custom built studio SOUND BOOTH

Photo of my custom built at-home studio and sound booth

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Sara has brought such a wide range of acting ability that she was able to reveal more side’s to her character’s personality than were even expected. The entire production sounds more professional with her voice at the center.
— Andrew, Game Dev at Sunderpoint Studios
Sara’s talent and determination has not only enhanced our animation “Knights”, but in many ways she has helped bring one of my most treasured characters to life.
— Peter Alex, Creator at Twistisle Productions
Working with Sara has been a wonderful experience, she works really hard and achieves outstanding results. She always adapts to any kind of request, and her recordings are of great quality, producing a neat and clean sound. Her acting skills are also amazing! She has been able to perform as Evelynn (one of the main characters in “The Crow’s Eye”) really well. We absolutely recommend her.
— 3D2 Entertainment
Sara is an extremely talented voice actress. She has a unique quality to her voice that I’ve been able to use for a wide variety of characters, and always gives great options to choose from with her performances. She’s a joy to work with, and I’m happy to feature her voice regularly in my work.
— Jared Winkler, Creator of Winky Dink Mediia
Working with Miss Secora has been a pleasure. I was most impressed by her dedication to her craft and her willingness to try new ideas. When hiring a V.O. Artist, it’s important to choose someone who’s adept at taking notes/direction and applying that to the work. Sara is creative and willing. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her!
— Marlon Jons "MJ" the director of the film 'Intercessors'
Sara was a pleasure to work with.  She gave 100% every take and paid great attention to detail.  She took direction very well and had a great attitude throughout the entire project. I would definitely love to work with her again in the future.
— Daniel Cooper, the director of the film 'The Woman Who Loved Weirdo Goon'
Working with Sara is a pleasure. Her dedication to the craft of voice acting never falls to knock my socks off. There’s often a voice in a creator’s head when they write a character, and whatever that voice, Sara always betters it, always gives each character exclusive, specific and indomitable life. Having worked with her on an audio book as well as an animation, I’ve been astounded that there is no variance whatsoever in her attention to detail when crafting a performance regardless of medium. Each unique tweak that she provides each take of a line makes the editing process a thrill and joy. And when I’ve needed her to hit a certain mark, her ability to take direction and deliver on that request has never missed the target. She’s truly a gifted performer and an enthusiastic, patient collaborator. Cannot give high enough praise for her.
— B.R. Author and Creator of Outstanding Pajama's Animations
When it comes to getting the job done Sara’s a definite pick. She’s very easy to work with along with being organized and professional and the request was done in a timely fashion. I must say she quickly delivers and is very direct with communication! This is the best service I’ve used. The vocals were crystal clear and ready to go...will continue to use her talent.
— Tony, Game Dev from Eblematic Games
Very talented and versatile, when asked to play multiple roles she delivered. She is an extremely professional and intelligent actress.
— Luke Williams, Creator of the animation 'It's Kinda Required in Suburbia'

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