Sara Secora is a twenty-nine year old born and raised in the Great Lake state of Michigan. As a wearer of many hats, Secora is brimming with creativity and passion within her repertoire of talents and ventures. To begin, she is an accomplished international voice actress with over five years of training and experience in the voiceover field. Additionally, Sara has worked alongside various video game studios as a casting director. And last but not least, Sara Secora's fantasy novel, Throne of Lies, has debuted with an outpour of astounding reviews and ratings. You can find her based within Detroit where she is heartily working as a full-time voice talent, all the while continuing to write the second novel within her much awaited trilogy series.



Professional voice actress headlining in video games, animations, film, commercial, radio, podcasts & more. With her talents spanning a widely versatile range, Sara Secora has worked successfully alongside 100+ studios and companies worldwide from her private recording studio. See her resume, demos, testimonials, equipment and more on the voiceover page.


CASTing director

With her understanding of voiceover and video games, Sara has merged the two even more thoroughly since becoming a proficient casting / voice director for video game studios. She's a permanent member of the Igrasil Studios team, while also freelancing her expertise to studios worldwide. Voice actors fitting the requirements can join her mailing list for direct to email updates. Find the signup on the casting page.



Accomplished author under the Foxfell Fiction imprint, Sara Secora has found her footing in the authoring world and has since released the acclaimed books Throne of Lies, Untoward Awakening, and Agoraphobic: Inside Out. Join her mailing list to always stay up-to-date on her latest writing ventures. Find the signup on the book or homepage.