Writers: So You've Lost Motivation

My Motivation Flew Away!


Does this sound familiar to you?


Have you struggled with sitting down to work on your manuscript only to draw a blank on what to do next? Maybe it just started, or maybe it’s an issue that has been going on for a while now.

It’s that moment when the insurmountable task of finishing your novel shifts from having your head in the clouds to when it begins to following you around like a storm cloud. Each hour that passes without inching your way to completion causes you to mentally beat yourself up for being a procrastinator. You desperately want to write again, but can’t seem to bring yourself to complete enough.


We have all been there.


So, what do you do in this situation?

Well, I can assure you that beating yourself up about it might only further the problem. So, let’s take a step back, and allow me to prescribe you a remedy as old as time: read. Read for however long you see fit. Maybe you just need a day or perhaps a week might suffice. However long you need, just be sure to read books within the realm of the genre you’re writing in.  This can serve to inspire you and bring back that fiery passion that has been snuffed out.

Another must on my list is music. Trying listening to instrumental music; from classical to chillstep to nature sounds. These sounds can help transport your imagination into the right place for you to get your writing mojo back!

If you’re stuck on a specific chapter, then skip ahead! There is no rule that writing your novel must be a linear process. Start on a different chapter, or perhaps write an entirely new mock chapter for a previous section you were unsure about. Doing this can also spark ideas for the chapter(s) you found yourself stuck on.

If all of that fails you and that storm cloud hasn’t dissipated yet, then it may be time to write a different subject matter for a while. Hear me out. Personally, I have three different novel ideas that I periodically work on. My main focus is my young adult fantasy, the Amethysta trilogy. However, when the mood isn’t right for that, I switch to either my paranormal adult series or my fairytale children’s book. Doing so has kept writing fresh for me as I can explore other styles of writing whenever I hit those mental blocks. The wonderful part of that, is that I don't consider these times to truly be a block or a loss, but rather as a chance to delve into other genres! Another beautiful thing about this method is that even if you have no plans to publish another series of work, you can always use this practice as a way to enhance your own writing skills.

We all lose motivation from time to time, but the important part is to never surrender to it. Acknowledge that you’ve hit a mental block and begin to work past it. Your readers will be thankful that you did.