What does a Casting Director / Voice Director do?

Good question! What I offer is a service that will eliminate the stress of all things relating to voice over for your project. I handle actor auditions, select the right voice for the job, manage scripts with the actor and ensure their lines meet the deadline. I can also help a company manage their voice over budget without sacrificing quality. My work removes a piece from your plate as you have more time to work on the other important aspects of your projects to-do list.

Currently working with Igrasil Studios, bringing English dubbing to life


Bloody CHRONICLES, by igrasil studios

Previously searched for the right voices that brought an audio drama a dynamic anecdote

Shattered Earth, the Wulfrunian podcast

Previously worked with Powered Games to find an unforgettable mighty announcer

Master Arena, by Powered gAmes Ent.

Preparing to find the right voices that will bring a creepy edge to a creepy horror game


Previously worked with Revival on packing a verbal punch in their action VR video game

OVERLOAD by Revival Productions, LLC 

Previously worked with Blackturn Studio, introducing realism to a sci-fi world

Adam Waste, by Blackturn Studio

Preparing a casting call for 50+ roles in an upcoming zombie survival horror game


Previous assisted Picklock Games with bringing their comic into the gaming world



Previously worked with Dimfrost, bringing narrative to their interactive VR story

A Writer and his Daughter, by Dimfrost

Currently casting a talented voice actress to bring a 90’s narrative adventure to life

Project wolftrail, by Scott and co

What they say

Throughout the entire process, Sara was a key part of Overload’s voice casting, directing, recording and followup process. I would highly recommend her services in any voice related project. Her skills range from a keen ability to evaluate talent all the way through assisting us with live remote recording sessions. She was very good with handling details that mattered most and I look forward to working with her again.

— Dan Wentz (Revival Productions, LLC )

Sara has worked with us at Dimfrost Studio as the Casting Director on our first game, ”A Writer and His Daughter”. Firstly, we appreciate her creative design thinking as well as her communication skills. Secondly, she is really quick on her feet and possesses great problem solving skills. We are very pleased with our collaboration with her and look forward to working with Sara on future projects.

— Fredrik Selldén, Narrative Director (Dimfrost Studio)

We are very happy to have found Sara. She provided professional assistance as the voice acting specialist and director for our game, Adam Waste. Thank you Sara, we love you!

— Zygis Luksas (Blackturn Studio)


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