Male Voice Actors

Here is a curated list of male talent I would recommend to my clients


Jay britton

Award winning British voiceover artist, contemporary and commercial with a specialty for character voices. Professionalism, versatility and dedication are what you get when you hire me. A clean, sophisticated, youthful British voice.


Brandon fague

Brandon is an American voice actor stationed in Missouri. He has experience with facial capturing, and can provide a range of dialects such as Southern American, Russian, British, and Australian. Brandon was recently featured in the video game, "Observer."


Jared winkler

Jared Winkler is a SAG-AFTRA actor based out of LA. He received his degree from the School of Theater at Illinois State University. Besides acting, Jared is also a freelance writer and produces and animates for his own company, Winky Dink Media and produces for MORE Productions.


Griffin puatu

Griffin Puatu is an American Voice Actor, Voice Director, and Producer. Griffin has a wide range of acting, directing and production experience. He has performed on the stage in musicals, plays, and improvisational theatre. 



Harry is a British voice actor, animator, and musical composer. He offers a wide range of vocal sounds as well as an understanding of the technical side to audio. You can find him on YouTube as the creator of the Harry101UK channel.


CB Droege

CB Droege is a classically trained voice actor from the Ohio valley, who has been performing at various levels for two decades. He has a unique voice which is deep, but not overwhelming, with naturally non-dialectic American tones.CB specializes in storytelling, but has a diverse set of talent and experience.