Testimonials #13

I worked with Sara on a trailer for Weedcraft Inc, where she played a person interviewing the protagonist. Her pleasant voice suited the character and her performance was natural, based on good understanding of the situation being portrayed. What's more, she provided several takes for each line, which gave us a lot of flexibility - especially useful in our unusual setup, where we needed to put together the lines of two actors that were recorded independently.

— Kacper Kwiatkowski, game director at Vile Monarch

Testimonials #12

One of the most important factors in a games narrative is a dialogue, which immerses the player into the game itself. With Sara as the voice of Ratri in Home Sweet Home II, her performance brought the character alive and made the story all the more dramatic.

— Yggdrazil Group

Testimonials #11

Sara plays a several roles in my game ‘Madison,’ and all I can say is that she is exactly what I was looking for. She’s extremely talented and super adorable to work with. Always available if you need to discuss characters, lines, auditions or even ask her for a retake or thoughts about the lines. Also a big help when you aren’t a native English speaker. She is 100% liable and I recommend her. Hope to continue working with her in future projects as well. Satisfied client here!

— Alex Di Stefano, Game Dev at CryBabyStudios

Testimonials #9

Working with Sara is a pleasure. Her dedication to the craft of voice acting never falls to knock my socks off. There’s often a voice in a creator’s head when they write a character, and whatever that voice, Sara always betters it, always gives each character exclusive, specific and indomitable life. Having worked with her on an audio book as well as an animation, I’ve been astounded that there is no variance whatsoever in her attention to detail when crafting a performance regardless of medium. Each unique tweak that she provides each take of a line makes the editing process a thrill and joy. And when I’ve needed her to hit a certain mark, her ability to take direction and deliver on that request has never missed the target. She’s truly a gifted performer and an enthusiastic, patient collaborator. Cannot give high enough praise for her.

— B.R. Author and Creator of Outstanding Pajama's Animations

Testimonials #7

Working with Sara has been a wonderful experience, she works really hard and achieves outstanding results. She always adapts to any kind of request, and her recordings are of great quality, producing a neat and clean sound. Her acting skills are also amazing! She has been able to perform as Evelynn (one of the main characters in “The Crow’s Eye”) really well. We absolutely recommend her.

— 3D2 Entertainment

Testimonials #6

When it comes to getting the job done Sara’s a definite pick. She’s very easy to work with along with being organized and professional and the request was done in a timely fashion. I must say she quickly delivers and is very direct with communication! This is the best service I’ve used. The vocals were crystal clear and ready to go...will continue to use her talent.

— Tony, Game Dev from Eblematic Games

Testimonials #5

Sara was a pleasure to work with.  She gave 100% every take and paid great attention to detail.  She took direction very well and had a great attitude throughout the entire project. I would definitely love to work with her again in the future.

— Daniel Cooper, the director of the film 'The Woman Who Loved Weirdo Goon'

Testimonials #4

Sara Secora is talented, professional, and timely. She is an outstanding voice actor who is more than just a voice that sounds good, she is a great actor as well. Sara voiced two of the lead characters in “Infinite Adventures”. One in particular undergoes an evolution from evil villain to the players team before meeting a truly tragic ending. The change happens over a long period of time and she delivered all the lines in that characters story arc perfectly. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Travon Santerre, Founder of Stormseeker Games

Testimonials #3

Sara is a great actress who brings her character to life with both accuracy and style. She responds well to direction whenever I want her to try the lines differently. She communicates well about when I can expect to receive recordings, and is overall a pleasure to work with!

— Jenny Gibbons from Woodsy Studio

Testimonials #2

Sara is an extremely talented voice actress. She has a unique quality to her voice that I’ve been able to use for a wide variety of characters, and always gives great options to choose from with her performances. She’s a joy to work with, and I’m happy to feature her voice regularly in my work.

— Jared Winkler, Creator of Winky Dink Media

Testimonials #1

“Simply put, working with Sara was a blast! We knew that recording voice overs for Emma, one of the lead characters in The Beast Inside, would be quite a challenge. One moment Emma is funny, flirty and excited, next she’s terrified, devastated, even desperate. But Sara made that task look - and sound - easy. Our team feel extremely lucky to have her on board for this project.”

— Lucas Smaga, founder of Illusion Ray studio