Untoward Awakening (Amethysta Trilogy, #2)

About the Book

Amethysta Serelle is alone. Her confidants are gone or dead, and the truth behind her darkly precarious secret—her unexplained magical power—now rests solely on her hesitant shoulders.

When a moment of carelessness results in the worst possible outcome, Amethysta, fraught with despair, is left with no choice but to flee the kingdom of Northwind. In the throes of ruin, all appears bleak until the dauntless return of the last person she can trust. As they set out to far-off lands with reckless abandon, traversing treacherous mountains and perilous seas, the bonded pair knowingly embark on their final chance to alter Amethysta’s fate. The great unknown stretches out ahead, and the ghosts of the past are never far behind…

Untoward Awakening is the riveting sequel to Throne of Lies and a stepping-stone to adventure and self-discovery.


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